Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jeans=Symbol of America

Ever since that brave person stepped outside his or her door in the first pair of blue, denim jeans, a revolution in American fashion began.

People tend to forget that fashion can be just as much as a symbol of a country as a object can be. It not only shows how people live, but it also shows a person's character.

For example, cowboys conquered the West in jeans. Hippies fought for peace in jeans. Rappers created a genre of music in jeans. And then people just made jeans skinny in jeans.

In plain and simple terms, people tend to forget the history of jeans!

Personally, I love jeans. They are so comfortable and easy to style.

That is why it irritates me when people around the world think jeans are only for the lazy dressers. This is completely untrue because not only do jeans represent American and international style, but they also represent timeless fashion.

So grab your favorite pair of jeans whether it be denim or black...normal waist or high and walk out the door proudly!

Jeans Will Never Die,

Regular Jeans-Gap
High Waisted Jeans-Urban Outfitters
Collared Shirt-Target
Regular White Shirt-Calvin Klein
Black Scarf-Urban Outfitters
All Jewelery-Vintage  


  1. this is such a great post.
    i dont know who you are, but i wish i did!
    if i went to your school i would be so excited to see everyday what you would wear

    i love your style
    keep it up!

  2. What great photos!