Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fashion is not for the Dumb

Have you ever bought a Vogue at a place like Borders, walked up to the check-out counter, and seen the person before you stare at you, roll his or her eyes at you, and then think that you probably never read magazines like The New Yorker or Time

People all over the world draw the conclusion that if a person is interested in fashion, they are not very intelligent.

However, this is completely wrong! Therefore, I decided to do a photo shoot that showed a smart, but fashionable young lady.

I read books that range from Twilight to A Clockwork Orange. I have taken Calculus and speak fluent Spanish, but am one that also likes to wear a pencil skirt with a pair of killer boots to school.

Now, I am not denying the fact that there are no people in the fashion world that think before they act, but there are also people like that in many other fields too!

Why has it become such a contradiction for a person to be intelligent and also dress well?

As a result, I say that a person should proudly wear his or her outfit  to school, work, or even just the grocery store no matter the looks or evil thoughts.

And, also never be ashamed to buy a Vogue because sometimes it is just what the doctored ordered!

Forever Smart and Sassy,

First Outfit: Skirt-Vintage, Shirt-Worth, Rings-Vintage, Glasses-Urban Outfitters
Second Outfit: Dress-Rachel Pally, Nude Heels-Miss Sixty
Military Heels-80%20


  1. That is so true! P.S. the shoes are really cool.

  2. I love this blog. I just wish lots and lots of people could read this! What an interesting perspecitve!!!! It not just what is on the outside but what is inside that counts and you got the message across loud and clear! Keep the blogs coming.

  3. You are so witty... So glad I found your blog

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  4. this is a cute photo shoot, but the main thing that i noticed is... you have a fab collection of shoes! :)