Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Highs and The Lows

Fashion like life has many highs and lows. There are those days when nothing is going right and then there are those days when everything is going as smooth as apple pie!

But instead of worrying about this and that, I decided to rock both the high fashion with everyday All Stars sneakers. I mean why the hell not!

 In my opinion, I think a look can stand out with sneakers just as much as it can with a pair of high heels. Sometimes beauty does not mean pain.

Sneakers make things fast, easy, and portable. They make walking enjoyable. For example, I do not have to worry if I will fall down on my face or trip over a tiny rock in sneakers. 

I can even have the luxury of viewing the lively things around me, instead of worrying about walking in a straight line. Shocking!

However, I am not saying that a person should completely avoid those dangerous high heels because at times, they are just what is needed. 

They give me the much needed height and extension!

Sometimes though, the best fashion statement is made by having a great friend by your side!
Cheesy, but true.

Run It Out,

Black Dress-Urban Outfitters
Shark-Teeth Necklace-vintage
Fau Fur Vest-vintage
Black High Heels-Jeffrey Campbell
Sneakers-Black All Stars


  1. This is true....sneakers are so much more comfortable!

  2. I totally agree...
    LOVE those JC shoe's though!!!

    Great blog

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  3. love the gold vintage necklace!

    thanks for following and entering the GMV GIVEAWAY!

    Gina Marie Vintage