Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Edie Sedgwick with a Modern Twist


Hello Everyone,

Right now, I am in the blistering heat, and quite honestly, I am getting tired of it. It has come to the point where walking to my car is a workout.

As a result, I decided to tuck away my ragged jean shorts and light, cotton t-shirts for a completely winter look. Thus, I threw out all my color and turned to my coveted black clothes and big, blocky jewelry for an Edie Sedgwick inspired look with a modern twist.

As you can see, I fall/winter clothes! It is when I am at my best clothes wise. Just wait till you see my big, white furry coat! 

Never Forget the Power of Edie,

Leggings-For Love, Turtleneck-Target, Earrings-Steve Sasco, Rings and Hat-Vintage
P.S. Photo credit is due to....


  1. This is the photos!

  2. The earrings are soooo cute!