Monday, July 5, 2010

Fashion in the News!

When people think of clothes, they think of stick thin models or a life only meant for the rich and beautiful; however, few realize that clothes advertise ideas, politic beliefs, and likes or dislikes.

I know this is a weird view to come by, but recently, I was watching a report on health care, and I saw people show their support or opposition to it on their t-shirts and hats. With this, I began to discover that people do this every day.

For example, let's talk about the World Cup. When your country is playing that day, what do you wear? A plain white t-shirt? No, you wear your team's jersey or at least their colors just as Katy Perry recently did.

Therefore, when people ask me that my addiction to clothes and the fashion world is silly, I will tell them that they are completely and utterly wrong because fashion is in the news!


Here is a picture of me in Guatemala promoting peace on my t-shirt.

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  1. Really cool idea...I love the photos!