Sunday, April 17, 2011

Senior Pictures to Indie Madness

This weekend, my friend and I ran around Arizona taking my senior pictures. My mom kept on asking about them since I am already 3 months late. So, we had to rush and get them done to end any further petitions.

Anyway, things started out fine, but knowing the two of us, we had no idea what senior pictures meant.
Thus, we started out with the basic, cheesy photos and then ended with more editorial/indie madness...hahaha so typical!

Check it out and see the progression.


At first, we are traditional...


Then, things get a little out of hand!


See the difference?

Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings and Coat-Vintage
Glasses-Ralph Lauren


  1. Pretty pictures! ( :

  2. Last picture gave me a boner. I would love to ravish that.