Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Fashion Check

Here I am with the head designer, Emily, and Johnathan, my most loved intern there.

Many people today consider fashion a joke. They think it is a job that requires no talent, intelligence, dedication, or work ethic. To them, designers, models, and photographers only party every day and all day. However, this opinion could not be more wrong. After spending a month interning for the designer Dennis Basso this summer in New York, I realized that fashion was an industry not meant for the weak of heart. I worked eight to nine hour days, dressed models, made patterns, conducted fashion shows, dealt with buyers, and more. On top of all of this too, I had to run around in heels all day. I never had been so busy before in my life, but even with all the work, I absolutely loved each day.

Pushing aside the glamor and excitement, this internship forced me to discover the real meaning of fashion. I have always loved clothes, but before this month in New York, I never understood what went behind a dress. I just thought it was put together. On the contrary, I realized that there are many steps completed before a piece of clothing is put on a hanger to be sold-the design has to thought of, fabrics have to be picked, patterns have to be drawn, a mock-up of the dress has to be sewn, teams have to be consulted, and the then the dress is finally put together. As one can see, this is not an easy process, but rather an abstract piece of art.

Today, I appreciate the clothes I wear because I know what work took place to transform this block of fabric into a beautiful garment. I no longer think of clothes as just clothes, but as things allow me to express my inner and outer self to the world. For example, a nice suit is classy and powerful and also has a chance of getting a person a respectable job. Clothes can make a difference. Therefore, people should not judge fashion so harshly. I realize that there are some problems with this industry such as ridiculously high prices and too skinny of models, but does not every job have their flaws? With this said, I believe that society needs to stop being so critical and get a “fashion check!”

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